July 2020

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Morning worship 6.15 a.m.
Vesper (Evening service) 6.30 p.m.

Wednesday, 1st of July
The Holy Martyrs, Wonderworkers and Unmercenary Physicians Cosmas and Damian
The Martyr Konstantin from Ormidia, Cyprus
7.30 a.m. The Great Blessing of Holy Water takes place at the end of the Liturgy

Sunday, 5th of July
Saint Athanasius of Athos
Requiem for a memory of the National Martyrs of July 9th, 1821: Archbishop Kyprian, Metropolitans: Paphos – Chrysanthu, Kition – Meletiu, Kyrenia – Lavrentiu and other priests and people who were killed by the Turks from July 9th to July 14th , 1821.

Tuesday, 7th of July
Saint Martyr Kyriake of Nicomedia

Wednesday, 8th of July
The Holy Great Martyr Procopius

Thursday, 9th of July
The Hieromartyr Pancratius, Bishop of Taormina

Saturday, 11th of July
The Holy Great Martyr Euthymius the Athonite

Sunday, 12th of July
Holy Martyrs Proclus and Hilarion
Saint Païsios of the Holy Mountain
Requiem for a memory of those who died protecting the democracy during the military coup July 15th, 1974

Friday, 17th of July
The Holy Great Martyr Marina

Sunday, 19th of July
The Commemoration of the 630 Holy Fathers of the Ecumenical Council at Chalcedon (451)
Saint Macrina, the sister of the holy hierarchs Basil the Great
Memory of the victims of the Turkish invasion July 20th, 1974

Monday, 20th of July
The Holy Prophet Elijah

Wednesday, 22nd of July
The Holy Myrrh-Bearer Equal of the Apostles Mary Magdalene
Saint Martyr Markella of Chios

Friday, 24th of July
The Holy Great Martyr Christina

Saturday, 25th of July
Dormition of the Righteous Anna, the Mother of the Most Holy Theotokos
Saint Olympias the Deaconess

Sunday, 26th of July
The Holy Virgin Martyr Paraskeva of Rome
Hieromartyrs Hermolaus, Hermippus and Hermocrates of Nicomedia

Monday, 27th of July
The Holy Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon

Tuesday, 28th of July
Saint Irene Chrysovolantou

Wednesday, 29th of July
Saint Martyr Kallinikos
Saint Martyr Theodosia